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Business Turnaround

The business landscape in the U.K. continues to expand with a 3 percent annual growth. The surge in entrepreneurial mindset is exciting news for the economy; however only four out of ten small businesses continue to trade five years from incorporation.

With our experience cash flow issues and delayed payments are just two of the reasons behind business failures. When there is a critical cash crunch, constant pressure from creditors or the fall in customer base can be extremely difficult to handle.

If your business is facing a cash crunch, it need not mean the end of the road for your dreams.

We at Issy Consulting specialise in business turnaround services for small to medium businesses and offer bespoke solutions that can help transform your business!



We have perfected our business turnaround strategy backed by our extensive financial expertise and decades of advisory experience.

Our fresh outlook and sound strategies are aimed at successfully transforming a loss-making company into a profit-making one. Our expert team brings a new to diagnose critical errors and issues and then design a unique corporate strategy to bring forth a profit-generating situation.

When it comes to restoring business growth, timing is very critical. Some critical signs and symptoms of poor financial health can include late bill payments, purchase invoices, missing VAT payment, late corporation tax payment, owing staff salaries, high-interest burden, or severe cash flow problems.


However, diagnosing these as early as possible can help avoid disastrous consequences of liquidation or insolvency.

And this is where, as experts in business turnaround services, Issy Consulting makes all the critical difference. Our special investigation methods perfected over the years help us get an accurate picture of the likely internal and external causes of the cash crunch.


Once we know where the problem lies, we can then design a tailored solution to restructure your company, weaving in radical strategic changes as necessary in the capital structure of the company.



We specialise in infusing life into small and medium businesses, so business owners like you can continue on your journey to success!

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