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Finance Due Diligence

Financial due diligence

Business owners looking at acquisitions are often faced with these questions:


Is the company I am buying authentic?

Are there unexpected costs or hidden shocks in finances?

How can the best deal be negotiated?

What are the liabilities and assets?

Are there any financial / tax compliance issues?



At Issy Consulting, financial due diligence is a key focus area that helps answer all of the above questions and more! Backed by the extensive expertise of our chartered accountant who is experienced as a business buying investor, our financial due diligence is highly effective in helping you make informed decisions.


Our financial due diligence involves meticulous investigation to confirm the accuracy of the information presented by the seller. Our objective is to add immense value to businesses looking to make accurate buying decisions by:


  • Enhancing the purchaser’s understanding of the target business and therefore increasing the likelihood of the deal achieving its objectives and delivering the anticipated value.


  • Helping to identify and understand critical success factors and therefore provide a greater understanding of all the relevant issues so that informed decisions can be made.


  • Highlighting strengths that can be built upon or weaknesses that can be resolved.



As part of our financial due diligence investigation, we conduct a 360-degree review of:


  • Historical financial results including the balance sheet, profit & loss and cash flows of the target.
  • Significant projects and contracts handled by the seller
  • Quality of earnings (contracted and recurring or one-off),
  • The validity of future financial projections
  • The strength of the balance sheet (including the composition of assets and liabilities),
  • The quality of management reporting
  • The historic compliance of corporation tax, VAT, PAYE, and any other specific taxes.



Extra Advantage

As we are investors, our focus is naturally beyond finance due diligence; we will support in the financing of the deal and will also offer support after deal closures.


Expert advice by experienced buyer side chartered accountants on the best deal price and terms.

Thorough financial due diligence to ensure accurate information on liabilities, tax compliance, and assets.

Ensuring momentum throughout the process as well as after deal agreement, through to its satisfactory closure.

At Issy Consulting, we are committed to delivering only the best of end-to-end financial due diligence solutions to our clients.


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