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We specialise in advisory and unique finance business partners to accelerate SMEs' growth ambitions.

Virtual CFO

Finance Business Partner

Remember turnover is vanity, profit is sanity, but cash flow is king.


The majority of businesses fail not because of profit or loss but through a failure to acknowledge their cash flow position on a regular basis.

Issy Consulting will help in strategically cutting costs, increasing profit, legally reduce tax paid to a minimum and create a positive cash flow all year round.


In this technological age your business needs more than traditional accountants; you need a firm of the future to add value to your business

Our Finance business partner service will guide your company strategically into the right direction; this will include regular meetings in your office in addition to core financial requirements.


The conventional role of finance within an organisation has evolved, and the finance business partner position is a product of that maturity.

If you’re looking to engage with a finance business partner to assist with decision-making and future-proof your business, talk to us today.

What do we do?

As your finance business partner; we provide financial analysis and strategic support that drives operational success and financial agility.

We provide insights and advice on economic trends and operational performance to help your business assess risks, capitalise on opportunities and facilitate proactive change.


  • Increase the impact of financial reporting on business performance
  • Foresee the needs of operations and management
  • Get advice on commercial procedures necessary to meet operational, financial or commercial goals
  • Draw useful conclusions from data presented to you in a sophisticated, concise manner.

All small and medium-sized businesses are looking at new ways to become more cost-efficient by identifying and plugging unnecessary costs e.g. (negotiating better prices during contract renewals, outsourcing non-core functions or automating certain back-office tasks).


We understand your cost-cutting goals and recommend appropriate financial controls. Our expertise has helped clients to lower their overheads and push forward with their growth strategies. We close the gap between finance and operations by interacting closely with your teams, senior managers and key stakeholders.


We also contribute to strategic problem-solving within the parameters of our role

Our Approach

We first take the time to understand your business and the kind of analysis and support you require to maximise value and growth.
As our service will be designed around your unique needs, every commercial issue that affects you is under consideration and control.
We listen carefully, analyse deeply and link finance and operations effectively.
Our advisors provide information in clear, jargon-free language so you can understand trends and make intelligent forecasts.


For more information on how we can serve as your finance business partner and help you achieve your goals, get in touch with us today.

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